21 Years of Service and Counting with Lenita Cornett

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Lenita Cornett is active duty in the military as an automated logistical specialist. She was an Army brat out of Louisiana and in 1995 she started her career. Lenita began her service with 92 Alpha. She is a senior military leader and trainer and has been actively serving for 21 years. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, listening to music, as well as networking and building relationships. Lenita also joined forces with a plethora of senior NCO’s to provide mentorship to junior soldiers and leaders through social media. In 2014, she collaborated with the Women’s Mentorship Network. Lenita was also recognized and inducted by the National Association of Professional Women as VIP Woman of the Year Inner Circle. Lenita also co-authored the book Camouflaged Sisters.


Lenita gives some details about herself and her career that were not in her bio.

She talks about what inspired her to begin giving back by providing mentorship to other soldiers.

Airial asks Lenita about the book Camouflaged Sisters.

Lenita discusses some of the challenges she’s face during her career, as well as how she overcame them.

She also talks about transitioning out of the military, and how she’s setting herself up to do it properly.

Finally, Lenita discusses her future business, as well as who she wants to work with.


“I love the military, that’s why I’m still in”

“There’s something I can teach them that their leaders aren’t giving them”

“It’s my duty and my obligation to give back”

“I felt like I had to prove myself of being worthy of being a leader”

“I really struggled with being something that I wasn’t”



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