Activism, Identity and the Army with Kwame Corbett

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Airial welcomes Kwame Corbett to the show! Kwame is one half of the Blaze Entertainment podcast, one half of the I’d Rather Not podcast, and the managing producer of the Pyro Media Network. He also does a lot of activism within the LGBTQ community, teaches community classes, and is also an Army veteran.

In This Episode

  • Why Kwame joined the Army, and what he gained from it for civilian life
  • The decision to leave, and his transition out of the military
  • Coming out as openly gay, and the impact it had on his life


“I used to be a wild child”

“9/11 happened and I got really emotionally hit by it”

“I became the most confident after joining the military”

“I need to focus on what I signed up for”

“I made a lot of different mistakes and ultimately could have put myself in serious danger”

“At the time when I joined, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was in full force”

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