Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell with Asa Leveaux

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Airial welcomes Asa Leveaux to the Veteran Woman Podcast! Asa trains and caches entrepreneurs and decision makers from a place of frustration to a place of clarity in their minds and their money. He does this as America’s leading clarity coach.


Arial kicks off the episode by asking Asa about his military experience, and what a tale it is. Asa recounts a few stories from his time in the National Guard, his views on people who have been dishonorably discharged, and a mutiny that did not involve pirates at all.

Asa shares an impressive amount of books, courses, projects and initiatives he’s responsible for, and the reason behind why these things came into fruition. Among these accomplishments is Genius Academy: An online school for entrepreneurs, as well as Queer School: a non profit initiative to help the personal development within the LGBTQIA community with over 200 students worldwide.

Asa describes his experience with the military from both sides: the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” era, as well as post-appeal. He shares a story of a soldier who completely shifted his perception of what’s normal within the service, and why it was so profound for him to experience that moment. Asa also leaves off with a parting thought about Veterans, therapy, and acceptance.


“Without clarity everything else will just drive you insane.”

“Let’s get clear on what you want to do, why you want to do it, and what’s next so you can make this money”

“Masculinity is in fact a comparison or a judgment rather than a birthright”

“Once you leave the parades, there’s a loneliness that comes upon the people”

“Be clear about your capability, and your capacity”

“You allowed me to identify a new normal today with what you did.”

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