The Basketball Veteran with Jason Lafasciano

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Jason Lafasciano is a United States military veteran, who served 20 years before retiring 3 years ago. He enlisted at 19 years old. Jason worked in radio repair during the beginning of his military career. He then switched over to the internet side in the 90’s. Now he is working as a network administrator on base Fort Riley as a government contractor working IT, a job he landed within a year after transitioning out of the military. Jason is also currently the assistant coach for Fort Riley men’s basketball team, the commissioner for the Central United States military basketball league, and is a high school and collegiate official. Jason has played basketball since before and throughout his military career.



In this Podcast Airial talks to Jason Lafasciano about his history in the US military, and briefly about his transition. Jason goes in depth about his involvement in basketball within the U.S. military. He opens up about the effects of the military budget cuts and why he never gave up on the league even with all the financial struggles they face. He explains how he landed the Central United States Military Basketball League commissioner spot as well as how he manages to balance all of his responsibilities and his job as a government contractor. Jason touches on how he handles both positions within the league and the possible conflicts of interest. Airial ends with asking Jason about his vision for the league and how women can be a part a military league.



“I feel that the basketball team helps with the morale”

“NWR lost 41% of its budget due to military cuts”




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