Putting a Cloth Diaper on Branding with Aisha Sequeira

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Aisha Sequeira is a graphic designer by education, patent pending inventor by accident, and serial entrepreneur by passion. Her parents moved to the United States where her father joined the military. Aisha was the first of her family to be born in the US, and she has carved out a great life for herself. Following her entrepreneurial dreams, Aisha innovated and invented tools within the cloth diaper industry. She also used her branding knowledge to make it a success. On top of that, she started her own consultancy to help inventors create income for themselves. Aisha has a lot to offer the business community, and shares a ton of it in this episode.


Aisha gives Airial a little bit of backstory and context to her life, and talks about her family dynamic as well as her mother’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

She discuses her previous job, and what made her decide to start her own business, as well as what sent her in the direction of graphic design in college.

She shares the thought process behind her niche, and how she validated and created her first product in the cloth diaper industry.

Aisha explains the importance of weaving your story into your branding, and how it can be the difference make in your success.

She talks about her desire to help inventors create income for themselves. Aisha also mentions becoming a consultant to help them along the way.


“I found forums of moms complaining of my same issue, and so I knew that had validated my idea.”

“People buy from people.”

“When I launched, I was torn to pieces by the community.”

“People got to know, like and trust her, versus me, they knew nothing about me.”

“People want to buy into a story”

“Get out there and make connections because once you lose that opportunity… it’s gone.”







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