Branding In A Big Way with Kalen Arreola

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Welcome back to The Veteran Woman Podcast! Airial is excited to welcome Kalen Arreola to the show to talk about Branding, marketing, military and even pinups!

Kalen is a branding and marketing powerhouse who attributes a lot of her success to skills she picked up both in the military and corporate environments.

She drops a lot of solid ideas, tips and perspectives in this one, and offers a raw look at the pivotal role branding plays in business success.


In this episode

  • Kalen’s military career, and the silver lining to being in the reserves.

  • How entrepreneurship can scratch the military itch

  • Pinups on a mission

  • The “Zero BS Brand Methodology”

  • What to do if you can’t afford massive branding package, and why you may want to spend the extra cash.

  • Where can someone start in their search for investment?

“Your deployment changes your perspective on everything that you had going on before”

“Going from active duty to corporate was tough”

“My boss did not think that anything in my military experience was relevant to corporate at all”

“You can do all of the things. You just have to manage your time”

“It’s not illegal to rebrand every six months”

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