Cupcakes Confidential with Heather Weber

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Heather Weber is a disabled veteran from Desert Storm who runs a not for profit organization called Cupcakes Confidential, where 100% of the money goes to a veteran in need. She also helps veterans navigate the veteran affairs system, and helps them get what they need to live their lives after serving their country.


Heather shares a little about herself, what she does and how she helps veterans

She talks about some of the low points she experienced during her military service

Heather discusses a few loopholes she found to be helpful when navigating the VA system

She talks about how Cupcakes Confidential was born

Heather shares her contact information and leaves off with some encouraging words.


“I found little ways to get through those cracks so they can get the benefits that they rightly deserve”

“I don’t want anyone wasting 17 years of their life to get something that they rightly deserve”

“He said ‘That’s really a guy’s job’ and I said ‘That’s the job I’ll take’”

“I would never cry, I wouldn’t give them that satisfaction”

“I don’t think it’s fair that they should have to pay for something that they earned”

“Failure is not a bad thing, it’s a stepping stone to learning something new”

Twitter: @hmweber

Facebook: Cupcakesconfidential

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