The Curvy Executive with Chrystal-Lynn El

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Chrystal-Lynn El is the vibrant and curvaceous powerhouse behind The Curvy Executive brand. Originally from Bermuda, and living in Atlanta, Chrystal is no stranger to hard work or hardship. At 5 years old, Chrystal was the only girl on an all boys soccer team, and from that moment became used to breaking through barriers. From moving to a new country and falling victim to a scam, to building a successful business with no home and a phone, Chrystal has a story to be told! She has gone on to do incredible things, and is helping others to do the same.


Airial asks Chrystal what is meant by her phrase “The Homeless Entrepreneur”. Chrystal gives listeners an explanation, some back story surrounding her adventure to a new country, and the scam the greeted them when they arrived.

She talks about being a Virtual Assistant, what they can help with, and how The Curvy Executive was born. Chrystal also talks about the Nitty Gritty program she’s built for business owners, on top of the various things that are covered within the program.

She and Airial talk back and forth about the programs, challenges and projects she’s working on, as well as where people can find them and participate.

Chrystal shares the best pieces of advice she’s received. She also mentions programs and resources she knows about that have helped her get to where she is. She also shares a book that made a difference to her.


“September 5, 2014: 6 people, and 11 suitcases, off to a new dream.”

“We had nowhere to call our own. We were pretty much going from place to place between places, motels, hotels, the car, wherever.”

“I serve by creating solutions to business problems.”

“Surround myself with people at different levels, where I would like to be, where I am now, and where I used to be.”

“Consistency is key in everything you do.”



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