Emotional Eating with Airial Re’nal

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In this episode of The Veteran Woman podcast, host Airial Re'nal shares a story from on of her recent coaching calls with a client. She discusses the topic of emotional eating, and how she "ate her way out of the military." Airial also touches on the impact that emotional eating has on health, including heat issues, diabetes, weight gain and even strokes. Airial shares her experiences, and talks about the importance of spreading awareness about the topic. She gives a list of questions to ask yourself to find out if you may be using food for emotions, instead of just when you are hungry. Airial has included a self assessment for listeners to use, in order to test their relationship with food.


"It tasted so good, and it felt so good, and it eased the pain."

"We talk about bulimia and anorexia, but we don't talk about emotional eating as much."

"When we eat to stuff our emotions, we can end up eating too much, and eating the wrong foods."

"I got to the point where I was so fat in my head that I wouldn't go out"

"Food became a coping skill for me"





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