From Failure to Fire with John Lee Dumas

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In this episode of The Veteran Woman, Airial welcomes John Lee Dumas to the show! JLD is a veteran, and the host of an explosive show called Entrepreneur On Fire.

In this episode

  • John Lee Dumas talks about his decision to join the military
  • The perspective that his military experience has given him
  • The transition and easing back into civilian life
  • A string of failures leading to entrepreneurship
  • From military to millions
  • If you want to be something, you have to do something



“A military scholarship under ROTC could be a good opportunity for me”

“A 13 moth tour in Iraq was no fun from beginning to end”

“Life could be worse”

“When you’ve had the highest challenge of them all, which is lead men in a time of war, everything else kinda pales in comparison”

“There wasn’t this sense of family and it was the first time I had really experienced that”

“I was willing to be bad in order to eventually get good”

“Your failures are actually an indicator that you’re doing something right”

“If you want to be: Do.”


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