Go Get Our Boys with Henry H Washington III

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Henry H Washington III is a Dallas Cowboy’s fan, and retired as a Major after serving 25 years in the US Army. Beginning his career in 1988 as a chemical specialist, he eventually transitioned into the Military Police force. Henry hosts the Peace Within radio show on Wigo AM 1570. Henry is also involved with the Prostate Cancer Coalition of Georgia, and has his own foundation working with youth.


Henry delivers some information about himself, as well as shares a bit of his back story, and the discovery of his purpose.

He talks about his Youth organization Go Get Our Boys. He also explains the inspiration behind the name.

Airial and Henry get into issues surrounding veterans, PTSD and compensation.

He encourages the wives and partners of veterans and then attempts to flip the script on Airial. He then gives women tips on how to ensure their men are getting help.

He gives 3 obstacles in relationships, and discusses the importance of handling those 3 things properly.

Airial answers Henry’s questions about her chapter in the Her Story anthology.

They talk about his book, how it felt to write it, and how his family and friends received it.


“I have a lot going on, and I’m having fun doing it because I’m in my purpose.”

“We are in war when it comes to our young people”

“Don’t let your manhood stand in the way of doing what you need to do to take care of yourself.”

“We don’t want to be the weakling.”

“Communication is key throughout any relationship.”



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