Gutless and Grateful with Amy Oestreicher

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Amy Oestreicher is a published author, speaker actress, and Arts entrepreneur. She is also a PTSD peer to peer specialist and health advocate. She’s known for catchy taglines such as “Gutless and Grateful” as well as “From obstacles to opportunity, from opportunity to outreach”. Amy made what some would consider a terrible situation into her life’s calling. Writing and starring in a 70 minute musical, Amy created her story in such a way that it impacted not only her healing, but the healing of others.


Amy shares her story and talks about her life completely changing at 18 years of age. She give listeners a look into a traumatizing experience in her life that left her without a digestive system, and how she chose to overcome her new circumstances.

She explains how her 70 minute, one woman musical Gutless and Grateful came to be, and how the premiere and the show itself impacted her life.

Amy discusses storytelling, and how sharing one’s story can help them re-frame their narrative, or finding meaning in things that are otherwise just a mess of emotions.

She talks about being a “detourist” and explains exactly what that means. Amy also gets into why it’s helpful to explore detours and ways to find meaning in all of the directions your life takes you.


“I never expected to be working with veterans and being so passionate”

“I was carrying this huge secret that I had no idea what to do with”

“You have to express all of this trauma before you can transform it”

“I don’t want to be a has-been at 18”

“Holding secrets really can make us sick”

“You really don’t know what you’re capable of until you’re tested”

“The thing with detours is that you finish one and another one starts”


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