Insurance for Military Veterans with Taffy Wagner

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Airial is honored to welcome Dr. Taffy Wagner onto this episode of The Veteran Woman podcast! She is a US Air Force Veteran, and served for 8 years. She’s a healthcare advocate and expert. Dr. Taffy Wagner educates on health insurance, health care and offers alternative plans for people who cannot afford health insurance. With an extensive education and 20 books under her belt, she’s great to have a conversation with!

In This Episode

  • How writing came about, having twins, and teaching them to write books
  • What happened to healthcare in the US that caused a lot of citizens to lose their insurance plans
  • How health insurance works, and how people can be smart about insurance choices.
  • Veteran homelessness, bill collector’s and and how serious it can get.


“I believe in people having solutions for everyday problems that we face”

“Everybody who was healthy, could no longer afford healthcare”

“It’s expensive and they’re not getting the care they need”

“It’s not the military’s responsibility to teach you financial management”

“I didn’t even think about temp services”

“As long as you can type, you will always have a job”

“Every day is a new day”


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