Jokes to Cope with Comedian Linda Marcus Smith

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Are you ready to laugh? Airial welcomes Linda Marcus Smith onto this episode of The Veteran Woman Podcast! Linda is not only a veteran but also a comedian, and she’s joined Airial today to talk about laughter and it’s effect on coping with trauma.

In this episode:

  • Making Veterans laugh
  • Being one woman within the ranks of 2000 men
  • Brain injury and PTSD
  • Rewriting your story


“I’ve got a lot of things that are funny now, that weren’t funny before”

“My passion is to make veterans laugh”

“I had to use comedy just to cope with military sexual harassment”

“I lost my ability to laugh”

“People need to learn to say things so that they’re not going to depress other people”

“I have a passion, I have a purpose, I have a life worth living”

“I’ll write you a joke so you can cope with it”


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