The Ugly Daughter’s Beautiful Life with Julia Legian

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Julia Legian (aka Loan Thi Nguyen) was born in 1972, South Vietnam. Or was it 1971? Nobody really knows so she prefers to err on the young side. In the 80s her parents fled Vietnam as “boat people” and immigrated to Australia. For most of her adult life she has worked in real estate. She quit her job in 2002 and became a successful property investor. In 2004 she set up her own business as a buyer agent to help others follow her footsteps. Julia is now officially retired to concentrate full time on writing. She is happily married to Simion and has a wonderful, kind and loving son, Jeremy. She is an international best seller of the book The Ugly Daughter. Julia is also a podcaster, and a humanitarian with a goal to help build 100 schools around Southeast Asia.


Julia Shares a little bit about her back story as well as her goals and how she spends her time.

She talks about being semi-homeless, sleeping in her car, and the moment that began her climb to a more successful life. She also shares the story behind the mystery of her age.

Airial and Julia discuss forgiveness, and how to do it when circumstances aren’t as clear as they could be. They also discuss the importance of creating distance in some relationships, and why it can be a necessary step to take.

Julia talks about the inspiration behind the title of her book, The Ugly Daughter, as well as where people can find it online.

She also talks about her podcast, and the types of topics that are covered on the show.


“I just got off my butt and worked really hard”

“I was raised by a spiritual Grandmother, and she taught me a few valuable lessons, like Forgiveness, Compassion and Acceptance.”

“You can not blame your parents for your circumstances, you can not blame your past”

“If you want things to change, you have to change.”

“You have to forgive the perpetrators, but more importantly you have to forgive yourself.”


The Ugly Daughter

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