Kwame’s Second Coming

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On this episode of the Veteran Woman Podcast, Airial welcomes back Kwame Corbett to do a follow up! The last episode covered a range of things from Kwame’s military experience to coming out, and everything in between. This episode dives deeper into some very important topics, and Kwame brings a ton of perspective and personal experience to the show.


In this episode

  • Kwame recaps his coming out story from the last episode, and shares his process of trying to live life as a straight man, and coming out again
  • How his family handled things, and the conversation he had with his mom when things finally went public for the first time.
  • What parents need to remember when their child comes out, and how to approach things in a smooth and positive way.
  • Kwame breaks down LGBTQAI+ as well as shares the differences between Drag queens, Transvestites and Transgender people.
  • They finish things off talking about the time Kwame was protected by a group of drag queens, and the Podcast he hosts with one of the most entertaining people on earth.


“I felt like I was in the sunken place for gay people”

“I didn’t feel like I had support”

“They need to know that you love them and that you support them”

“What happens in this house, stays in this house”

“There’s a difference between sexual identity and sexual orientation”


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