Life and Leadership 2.0 with Jay Jackson

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Jay Jackson is an Air Force Veteran who runs a coaching practice focused on entrepreneurship and leadership. After transitioning out of the military, Jay had to build the proverbial airplane whilst learning how to fly it simultaneously. He values the experience because it helped him hone in on his talents and gifts and utilize them for the betterment and benefit of his life and the lives of the people around him.


In this episode
  • Airial and Jay talk about their conference and business development
  • Leadership and why it’s important to train your replacement
  • Leaving the military and pursuing a new professional life
  • Being successful as a civilian
  • Must read books for growth, leadership and personal development
“When you’re first starting up and you don’t have that team established yet, you’re the marketing department, you’re the sales department, you’re the CEO, you’re everybody” – Airial
“Everything I’ve been blessed to accomplish up to this point has been earned” – Jay
“Sometimes you get thrown a curve ball and you have to make sure that you stand in there and don’t back out when that curve ball is thrown your way” – Jay
“If you go war and you come back the same way you went to war, that means you had some challenges before you went” – Jay
“I wanted more a whole lot faster than they were willing to give it to me” – Jay
“I needed to know how to be successful as a civilian” – Jay
“Relationships are Key” – Jay


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