Living Victoriously with Doretta Gadsden

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Doretta_GadsdenDoretta Gadsden has been a registered nurse for 23 years, and is a best selling author of the book Living Victoriously. Her passion is empowering women to realize the power within to live their best life. Doretta has been living with AIDS for over 23 years, and hungers to educate women to make positive health choices. She currently lives in New York with her family, where she works and runs her business.


Doretta explains her AIDS diagnosis, as well as some of the details surrounding the condition itself. She also talks about getting sick after the diagnosis, and spending time in the hospital as a result.

She talks about how she came to find out about having AIDS, and begins to relate a story of IV drug use back in the 80's. Furthermore, she dispels some of the misconceptions surrounding HIV and AIDS.

Doretta discusses the importance of having the right people and the right support system around.

She describes the moment that changed her life, as well as talks about the different  factors that contribute to building people up.

Doretta lists and debunks a few myths surrounding the topic of HIV and AIDS.


"I plan to live a vibrant life to my 90's or 100, but I will always have an AIDS diagnosis."

"As long as I didn't know, I didn't get sick, but as soon as I knew..."

"God works in your life"

"people are angry, people are heartless, and you have to protect yourself"'

"I believe it's my duty to hold a sacred space for women who are walking that path."

"Please don't entertain what everybody else has experienced, and get away from all of the people who are telling you about their signs and symptoms."


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