Helping Millennials Find Direction with Marquita Johnson

Welcome to another episode of The Veteran Woman Podcast! Airial is pleased to welcome Marquita Johnson onto to the show. Marquita helps millennials make sense of their lives. She helps them with direction and to help them in not feeling so lost. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the realms of therapy, personal development, dating and relationships. Great energy, great information, and massive inspiration are loaded into this one.


In This Episode

  • What Marquita helps Millennials with, and what drew her to this pursuit and passion.
  • Mental health, prayer, and stigma: How do they tie together?
  • The best therapists have therapists of their own.
  • Self care and why it’s crucial.
  • What does a healthy relationship m look like?



“I want to help equip them. Give them the right tools so they can get a good foundation going”

“I’m a part of their life story and that’s something I don’t take lightly”

“You just can’t pray it away”

“I’m not coming in as an expert on you”

“You can have it all if you take care of yourself”

“We teach people how to treat us based on how we treat ourselves”



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