Being Multi-Passionate with Nadia Khalil

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Nadia Khalil is a business coach, a certified wellness professional and a mother of 2. She works with multi-passionate entrepreneurs and leaders who are in the idea or beginning stages of their business. Nadia helps entrepreneurs gain clarity around their business. She helps them go from idea land to the world of profitable implementation. She has worked in the online space for over four years and has launched several successful digital programs. Nadia also offers one on one coaching. She has started multiple successful businesses and her passion lies in empowering, inspiring and educating multi-passionate people to unravel the crap that has been keeping them stuck.



Nadia explains how being multi-passionate kept her stuck within her businesses and life. She also explains what she did about it.

She tells Airial about her first big failure in business, as well as what she learned from the experience.

Airial and Nadia discuss fear, the role it plays in life, and how to move beyond it.

Nadia shares some tips and strategies for getting clarity around starting up a business.

She gives some resources that multi-passionate entrepreneurs can use.


“We have a thousand ideas, a thousand things we’re good at.”

“The more I thought about those things, the more I was staying stuck.”

“Be vulnerable, be honest, be authentic and it will honestly open so many doors for you”

“We thought we were the only ones doing it, come to find out that there were four other people who tried and it wasn’t lucrative”

“Do it scared.”


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