Natural, Organic and Loving it with Luvina Sabree

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Luvina Sabree is a fellow veteran, entrepreneur, and natural product enthusiast! She served 8 years in the military, 4 in active Army and 4 in the national guard. She has a masters degree in nursing, a restaurant and natural market, as well as an infectiously beautiful laugh.


In this episode

  • What made Luvina start a Natural ingredient based restaurant

  • The Natural Hair Expo, and the impact it has for military service members

  • Luvina’s experience in active duty Army, and the National Guard.

  • From petroleum specialist to wholesale cars, real estate to natural soap

  • Community service and consultations

  • Marriage, family and having each other’s back

“We were the first full service organic restaurant in this area”

“It’s hard for people to mesmerize me and grab my attention”

“If I was going to stay into something, I wanted to be in the upper echelon”

“What I think and what I feel is that I should never have regrets”

“If I can survive these things, there’s nothing out here I can’t survive”

“The military, sometimes when it comes to family life, sometimes it’s not fun”




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