The Power of Coaching with Tim Mikelj

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The power of Coaching with Tim Mikelj

Tim Mikelj is a coach for entrepreneurs. He started coaching after reaching an impressive height in the world of professional cycling. Tim was left with the feeling that there’s something more he could be doing with his life. Due to this feeling, Tim began coaching entrepreneurs to help them reach their highest levels of performance and grow to their top potential. A lover of sports, Tim feels that there are significant differences that coaches make in the lives of athletes, entrepreneurs, and people who are willing to be coached through various circumstances. Because of this, Tim devotes his time to the service of others, and helps them break down barriers in order to achieve greater accomplishment in their lives.


Tim talks about his life before coaching, and what lead up to the shift into his current coaching career.

Airial and Tim discuss coaching and what being coached has helped them to accomplish

Tim discusses his hardest coaching call and what the difficulty was a result of.

He shares one of his failures, how it came about, and how it has helped him grow.

Airial and Tim go into what it means to serve, and why service to others is so vital in today’s world


“The more you dare to fail, the more you’ll be successful

“The first English phrase I learned was ‘Wait a second’”

“Sometimes it’s important to jump in the water and not look at how deep it is”


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