Presentation is Key with Shinese Collins

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Shinese Collins works in the corporate sector, as well as coaches women to overcome their fear of presentation and public speaking. She works to eliminate the negative self talk some women have in order to help them interview well and get the jobs they may not think they can get. She helps people realize that they do have good things to offer, they just need to polish up a bit and they will accomplish great things.


Shinese tells Airial about her presentation package. She also explains how it helps people to become better at presenting themselves in various situations.

Airial asks about her 22 years in corporate, and if she plans to eventually transition completely into entrepreneurship. Shinese shares her story a bit, and explains her goal, and how she came about reaching her decision.

She talks about why it’s important to be the best version of yourself, and push through fear. Shinese also touches on emulation, and authenticity.

Airial and Shinese talk about negative self talk, self esteem and self confidence, as well as discuss how Shinese helps her clients shift that kind of mentality.

Sinese ends with book recommendations, inspiring quotes and a few last pieces of wisdom.


“A lot of people have misconceptions about presentation.”

“They didn’t feel it was a big deal because you didn’t express it in that manner.”

“Things happening in your life can make you make decisions that you should have made a long time ago.”

“Life is not promised. You’re here today, gone tomorrow.”

“Be your own person, but be your best own person.”

“Don’t get stuck, it’s okay to ask for help.”


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