Revelations with Cole Johnson

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Airial welcomes Cole Johnson to this episode of The Veteran Woman Podcast. Cole Johnson is the host of the Cole Sportz, and Revelations podcasts, and he is also an Army Veteran. While in the military he specialized in photo lithography, which is a technology used in printing to create anything from newspapers to circuit boards. Cole is now a digital content and social media producer for a TV station in Nashville, as well as a Podcast producer for his own company. He loves making people sound amazing using his skills and experience with sound.

In This Episode

  • Much debate about cities and towns in Texas, and the Dallas Cowboys
  • Cole’s military career and his reason for getting out earlier than he originally intended
  • The transition out of the military, and the self inflicted rough patches
  • The most challenging moment in his life, and the revelations he experienced as a result of it.


“I had to bite the bullet and leave the military. I didn’t want to do it, but it was time for me to go”

“It made me feel as thought I was doing something and advancing my way through life”

“I’m proud to actually call myself a veteran on most occasions”

“you have to understand that love and hate are the same emotion, it’s still caring about a person”

“No matter what you’re going through, you belong to a higher power”



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