Social Justice for Women Veterans with BriGette McCoy

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Brigette McCoy is the founder and CEO of the Woman Veteran Social Justice Network. Brigette is also the WNBA Atlanta Dream 2014 Inspirational Woman award winner and the Dekalb County Veteran Affair Commission’s 2014 Veterans Hero Award recipient, and served in the US Army as a top secret data communication specialist during the first Gulf War. She currently serves as a vice chair for the city of Atlanta’s Veterans Affairs Commission and on Protect Our Defenders advisory board. She has been involved with numerous non-profits and media outreach projects, as well as many veteran advisory boards.

Her 2013 Senate testimony on Military Sexual Trauma has been seen around the globe and utilized to help change military culture and policy. Furthermore, Her innovative social entrepreneur work using technology for civic engagement granted her the opportunity to become a veteran advisor and consultant to the Emmy Award winning producers of Service: When The Women Come Marching Home.


BriGette shares some of her creative pursuits and some of the organizations she has partnered with, as well as a rafting adventure in Alaska.

She shares her story about her military involvement and the events surrounding the sexual trauma she endured.

BriGette discusses steps that can be taken to begin to correct the problem.

She talks about the Protect Our Defenders organization and the part they have played in her life. She also talks about the opportunities and possiblities that have come about as a result of this partnership.

Brigette talks about courage, sharing her story, and the response that came after.

BriGette talks about the media, and women in combat roles.

She discusses coping, day to day life and creating new memories.


“Our hero level is no different than our brothers'”

“I had lived so much of my life in fear that I just wanted to live again.”

“It’s pulling away a lot of the myth and making people really own up to bad behavior”


Woman Veteran Social Justice Network

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