Somebody Has to be First with Jennifer Foxworthy

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Jennifer Foxworthy is a former veteran from the Naval Air Crew division of the US Navy. She was the first African American female to graduate from her training in 10 years. She became an avionics technician and began working within a male dominated section of the Navy. Participating in 3 wars, and having an abusive relationship on the home front, Jennifer went to some dark places during her service. As an author and public speaker, Jennifer is knowledgeable on many topics, but has become known for her talks on domestic abuse.


Jennifer gives her backstory in the service, and talks about the sabotage, racism and discrimination she faced as the first for a lot of things during her military career.

She talks about the three literal wars she fought, as well as the two emotional wars that were occurring at the same time. Jennifer also talks about baggage people get in life, and how it plays into active service in the military. She also shares whether or not she would do it all over again.

Jennifer shares her struggle with domestic violence and gives relatable insights surrounding the topic.

She talks about her book: Tomorrow My Sunshine Will Come, Memoirs of Women who Survived Domestic Violence, the other women who contributed to it, as well as what came out of the experience emotionally.

Airial and Jennifer discuss relationships. They also discuss the need for parents to give their children the proper tools to detect and deal with abuse.

Jennifer relates her story in detail, and shares valuable messages and information.


“I kept standing out where I was trying to blend in.”

“I was the only African-American female at this time in this elite group.”

“I’m glad I had the common sense to act profession in this adversity.”

“Somebody has to be the first.”

“I was better prepared to be a prisoner of war than I was to deal with domestic violence.”

“God can’t heal what you conceal.”


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