Success Through Transition with Donna Newman-Robinson

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Donna Newman-Robinson is a veteran woman, having served 20 years as a nurse for the U.S Army. She was a commissioned officer for the last 10 years served. Donna has since then become a success coach for women veterans struggling with transitioning out of the military. She inspires and empowers women by helping reinvent themselves to aid in their transition to civilian life; “the next mission is you!”. She started her first company called “Life After Military Alliance” (LAMA), and is active in several organizations, such as the “National Association of Female Executives”, “Women Veterans Military Experience”, “Army Nurse Core Association”, “Atlanta Business League”, and the “U.S. Women Chamber of Commerce”.


In this podcast, Airial speaks to Donna Newman Robinson about her time spent in the military and the struggles she faced once transitioning into civilian life. Donna shares her experiences and talks about feeling stuck and lost, and how she came across becoming a success coach. She touches on the different struggles women veterans endure vs. male veterans who have gone to war. She mentions how long her transition period lasted and how many jobs she went though. Donna defines what success means to her and expands on what its like coaching other veterans, how to reach out, and how to connect with them.


I believe I am the woman i am today because of my military service”

My epiphany was I was meant to serve and to share”

Transition is all in your mind, its psychological”

….helping that sister veteran discover her true passion and purpose, that’s my success”

If its something that makes our heart sing, its our true calling”

When you follow your passion, that’s gonna give you that fulfillment”

When you have that passion and that purpose, you’ll find a way”

….progress over perfection”

In order to define and discover our true passion and purpose we have to do the work so it can be birthed”

Whenever we’re feeling discouraged and we’re not using the gifts that God has blessed us with, its like a slap in his face”


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