Taking Care of Your Total Self with CB Wallace

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CB Wallace is a retired CW4 who spend 33 years, 7 months and 2 days serving in the military. She and Airial first met in Naples, Italy while working with NATO. After being diagnosed with PTSD, CB resisted all that came with the diagnosis, and suffered as a result. She decided to embrace her situation, and began to care for her total self. Total wellness encompasses physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial well being, and all should be cared for. CB has made it her new mission to spread the message of total self care, taking inventory of your life, and being okay with getting help.


CB starts the entire conversation off discussing stress, self care, and the untimely end of a high ranking soldier who passed away while out running. She puts massive emphasis on eliminating stress from our lives, and why it’s important to do the things you want to do, as well as getting medical and mental attention.

She explains total wellness, and how it’s comprised of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial components.

CB talks about being diagnosed with PTSD, and how it was difficult to listen to in the beginning. She also goes into why it’s so important to take life inventory, get help where needed, and care for yourself when others can’t.

Finally, she mentions her books, and where they can be found, as well as where she can be reached for further contact.


“We have all of this stuff coming at us, and when it comes at us we don’t know how to repel it and just grab hold of it.”

“We don’t have to escort ourselves to the grave.”

“We’re careful about what we feed our dogs, but will put garbage in our own bodies”

“Sometime prayer and The Lord ain’t enough. Sometimes people need Jesus and a Psychiatrist.”

“It’s an illness and it’s something that needs to be dealt with.”

“Rise above and be better.”

“You can’t remove the imbalance unless you want it. You’ve gotta want the change.”



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