Veteran Mental Health with Duane France

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Veteran Mental Health

Duane France joins Airial on today’s episode of The Veteran Woman Podcast. He’s a combat Veteran who served 22 years. Since he’s retired he’s been working as a clinical mental health counselor and veteran advocate.

Duance gets into the definition of what makes a culture, and how the military is a culture in and of itself. He goes on to describe veterans as well, and some of the issues they face within the mental health space. Airial asks him how a veteran can thrive in civilian life after transitions out of the military.

Duane shares his opinions and thoughts about medicinal marijuana, and where it fits into mental health treatment. Airial shares her experience with medication and asks How do we know when to get out and try to mend without medication?

They also discuss PTSD, and various other aspects of veteran mental health, as well as self advocacy and not needing to follow orders when it comes to medications or therapy. Duane goes deep into different types of therapy, and how many veterans may not be facing the issues they believe they are.


“I had a series of really great mentors”

“The military is a separate culture”

“We don’t know of a different way to be”

“Awareness isn’t really enough for change. You have to take action”

“The reasons for poor behaviour in 2017 are not the same reasons for poor behaviour in 1997”


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