The Veteran Woman Official Launch Bonus Episode with Scott Doucet

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In this Bonus episode of The Veteran Woman, Airial brings her producer, Scott Doucet on board a Facebook Live to give his opinion of the Veteran Woman Podcast, and share what it’s been like to work both with Airial, and on the show itself.

Airial begins the show introducing Scott and explaining how they began working together on The Veteran Woman. She follows up by asking Scott his thoughts and opinions of The Veteran Woman. Scott gives a sneak peek behind the curtain and shares a few stories about parts of the show that the listener doesn’t get to hear. The two share a lot of laughs as Scott breaks down some of the pre-show and post-show shenanigans, as well as a few things Airial may not have wanted to leak. Airial talks about a contest she ran during the launch of The Veteran woman, and how to participate. She discusses her main motivations behind starting her show, and what she’s looking to achieve with the podcast. Airial also talks about the importance of feedback, and how it will help her build a better podcast for both her brand, and the audience.

The conversation takes a hilarious and meaningful turn when Airial starts answering questions from the listeners. She further clarifies her why, who she wants to have as guests, and how listeners can get the most out of the show, and The Veteran Woman website.

Guest information

Scott Doucet is a Podcast host, consultant and producer. With a background in radio, music, and sales, he is keen to help podcasters and aspiring podcasters make their shows stand out from the rest. He is the co-founder of the Facebook group The Podcast Discovery Center. He is also the host of Podcast Bay. Scott spends the majority of his time educating himself and others about what makes a solid podcast.

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