A Veteran Woman Bonus Episode with Skyy Wonders

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On this special bonus episode of The Veteran Woman, Skyy Wonders welcomes Airial as a guest on her show Unmuted: Your Voice Matters. They get into a lot of topics, such as Military Sexual Trauma, Coaching, and Resources for Veterans. They also chat with callers, and answer questions from listeners!


Skyy shares some of Airial’s Bio, and welcomes her to she show. She then asks Airial to share how the Veteran Woman LLC got started.

She talks about things that factor into the emotional range of a veteran exiting the military.

Skyy asks Airial to tell a bit of the story surrounding military sexual trauma, and becoming an advocate for others within the military.

Airial explains how she helps veterans, as well as her coaching. She also talks about resources that are available to veterans, and how she can get them headed in the right direction.

Callers talk to Airial and Skyy about their experiences within the military. They also take part in the discussion  by asking questions.

Airial discusses support systems and community, and how crucial they are to a person’s well being.


“My transition I know, was rough. And that’s one reason why I look to help other women veterans, and veterans in general who are transitioning as well.”

“We just don’t cover the emotional impact of the transition.”

“There’s something I’m supposed to do.”

“You just don’t realize how you saved my life.”





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