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In this Episode of the Veteran Woman Podcast, host Airial Re’nal has a candid conversation with a few very special guests. Joining Airial on the conversation are Stacy Bryant, Ciera Richard, Leslie Cristea, CB Wallace, Jocelyn Kelly, and Merci McKinley. With countless years of combined timed served in the military, these ladies go into depth on their opinions, feelings and views surrounding their experiences. They break down some of their challenging times surrounding domestic violence, and share what it took to overcome them.  Candid conversations, laughter, and deep insights are laced throughout this episode of The Veteran Woman.


Each of the ladies introduce themselves and give a little background into their service, their accomplishments and their contributions.

Leslie elaborates on her contribution to Her Story. She talks about the next step she needed to take, how she found the courage to do so, and where she is as a result. She also discusses her history with domestic violence, and how her life has taken an unexpected turn into relationship restoration.

CB gives listeners a breakdown of her domestic abuse story. She talks about the mental scars that were left, and the surprising event that led her to tell her story.

Stacie introduces herself and explains her vision and inspiration behind the book: Her Story 2. She talks about how sharing a story can help with the healing process, and that having a platform to share from can make all of the difference in someone’s life.

Merci tells of her encounter with domestic violence and the feeling of shame that surrounded her. She also explains the added complication of both parties being in the military at the time. She shares her view on why she experienced her situation, and how it could prove to be a benefit for others who may be in a similar one.

Ciera recounts her domestic dispute experience, and explains what was happening in her mind while it was happening. She also draws attention to a common theme in each woman’s story: Shame. She goes further on the topic of shame and how someone who is abused should not have to feel that way about their situation.

Jocelyn shares her story, and talks about the domestic violence she overcame, and how it was that she came to do it.

Airial shares a passage from the book. The ladies relate about narcissistic abuse, explain what it is, and how they were affected by narcissism. Finally, each of them close out the episode with massive insights and deep reflections into their experiences, and what they wish to share from their journey.


“When I retired from the Navy, I wasn’t really sure what the next step was”

“We want to see the entire path before us before we go.”

“I have to make my life have a purpose or have a meaning”

“When I was younger I was witness to domestic violence and I always said that wouldn’t be me”

“What we do, our children will do.”

“You have an opportunity to repair your life, rebuild your life and live free of abuse”


The Veteran Woman

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