Veterans 4 Life with Brian Paul

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Airial welcomes the founder of Veterans 4 Life, Brian Paul to this episode of The Veteran Woman podcast. Brian enlisted in the national guard at the age of 20. Shortly after enlisting, he was called up to the Oklahoma City Bombing to help the FBI and ATF with the efforts after that incident.

He served the rest of his national guard career, and discovered that he was struggling with PTSD soon after. His fall from grace was a rough one, and his recovery gave way to a much greater purpose. Brian now helps other veterans who are battling the same types of issues he experienced, and gets results a lot more quickly than most government programs do.

In this episode

  • The discovery of PTSD
  • How Brian’s decision toward recovery was made
  • Being a highly recommended firefighter to living in a Jeep
  • Homelessness, suicide and self medicating is more common than people think


“My story is not uncommon for a lot of emergency responders”

“I knew something was wrong I just really didn’t know what it was”

“I encourage people to really seek help”

“My fall from grace was quite dramatic”

“It’s Power through Strength”


Veterans 4 Life

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