Veteran Entrepreneurship with Trish Russell

Airial welcomes a brand new season to The Veteran Woman Podcast! She kicks things off by welcoming Trish Russell onto the show!


Trish tells Airial her history with the military, and how she only recently started sharing her story with the help of a mentor. It was her belief that she wasn’t supposed to talk about it. She explains that On top of being trained not to share her experiences in the military, it also makes people very uncomfortable. So without a proper place to share, it was easier to be quiet about it.

They relate back and forth about exploring entrepreneurship after transitioning out of the military in order to pursue something bigger. She began helping women with their business goals, helping them get to where they needed to be a little more efficiently, and with more clarity around their objectives, as well as speaking out a little more about some of the issues surrounding women in the military.


“It was easier to just let it go”

“You’re at point A, you want to get to point B: What’s the best strategy?”

“Veterans know how to do that. We’re programmed to do that”


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