The Empowered Whistle Blower with Dawn Westmoreland

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Dawn Marie Westmoreland is the Empowered Whistle Blower. She is a retired Airforce veteran and has been an HR consultant for over 27 years. She is also an experienced speaker, author and coach.  After working with Veteran Affairs, and seeing illegal and unethical practices, Dawn took it upon herself to report the activity. She was then facing a fight, when her superiors in management decided to retaliate. Dawn was broken down and tired after 2 years of harassment at work.  Using her experience in HR to her advantage, Dawn navigated a long battle with her employer and managed to emerge a victor.



Dawn explains whistle blowing, and talks about why it shouldn’t have the negative connotation it has received.

She talks about why she reported her agency, and the retaliation she experiences as a result of the report.

Airial asks Dawn where she got the courage to speak up.

Dawn goes into detail about the tactics management used to try to break her spirit.

Airial and Dawn talk about being institutionalized and their experiences within the psych ward.

Throughout the interview, Dawn gives insights and tips for anyone who is battling workplace harassment or bullying.


“I started noticing that out of 550 people, that there were only 5 black people working in the VA Agency I worked in, and about a third of the place were family and friends.”

“I’m 80% disabled, even though I don’t look at all like I’m 80% disabled.”

“The average person is waiting 4 or 5 years to get a hearing date…”

“They were very scared to speak up.”

“I was obsessed with holding them accountable.”

“That would be a good day for me, just to get a dirty look.”

“You are not alone.”


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