Wisdom from the Irish Defense Forces with Amy O’Connor

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Sgt. Amy O’Connor serves in the Irish Defense Forces. She has 20 years of service in the Defense Forces behind her so far. She started in the Infantry and then moved into Communications after a period of time. Her military experience has given her skills and perspectives that she would not have gained elsewhere in life, and her passion is to share those lessons with the people who need them.

In This Episode

  • Her role with the Communication Information and Systems corps, and what the job looks like.
  • The 9000 that comprise the Irish Defense Forces and how many women serve.
  • Where military training, coaching and development fits into life.
  • Amy transferred closer to home because her husband is working overseas. This allows for her to be home with her children more.
  • Amy talks about life as a veteran woman in Ireland, life changing decisions and  how she went from a long career in communications to soon retiring.
  • Airial talks about suicide statistics in the U.S.A and how 22 veterans/soldiers a days commit or attempt suicide.


“It’s tough to keep all those balls juggling, and not drop them”

“At the end of the day regardless of what country you in, we’re all one family”

“Why did I not believe in myself to be more”

“If someone told me I was shit, well i believed that. And if someone told me i couldn’t do that, I believed that too”

“They don’t understand the way of the civilian world”

“We probably join the military to help others and to be that rock for someone else when someone else can’t be that rock for themselves”

“A smile will always brighten a room”


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